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What to Eat On Cheat Day On A Low Carb Diet

Sassy Girls so after 2 glorious ‘cheat days’ in 2 weeks, 7 pounds weight loss and over 10 inches off later, I thought it was appropriate to let you in on what I eat on a typical cheat day on a low carb diet cheat days adventures.  On my previous blog post Really Need to Lose Weight I shared with you how I’ve been searching for a manageable diet that will let me have my cake and eat it too…Well I found it with the Slow Carb Diet by Tim Ferris.

If you want to know how this diet works in detail get the book or audiobook here if you are not into reading the whole book right now because you know us Sassy Girls are super busy being you know ‘Sassy’ 🙂 You can get the main ‘Meat and Potatoes’ right here

So What to Eat on A Cheat Day On A Low Carb Diet? – Decisions, Decisions!

 Anyways back to my ‘Glorious Cheat Day’, What a great day those have been so far!  I really hold them close to my heart.  I followed Tim Ferris suggestion of starting my cheat day with a high protein breakfast…you tell me to eat and I am sure that task gets done!  No questions asked! 🙂

I had two eggs, turkey bacon and turkey sausage to equal over 30 grams of protein.  For the next several cheat meals (I lost count of how many I had) I ate everything and anything I was craving…I had Dulce de Leche Ice Cream, Nachos with all the toppings, empanadas and fried ice cream with dinner to top it off! I kinda of got so stuffed that I didn’t want to look at carbs and sugar the rest of the week!  Yup I made myself a little sick after Cheat Day.

My second cheat your way thin cheat day the following week was a little different, it’s crazy but my cravings were not as bad as the first Cheat Day….So I did my big protein breakfast and I had whatever I wanted again but did not make myself sick this time.  I think my body is adjusting to less food, who knows…Go figure!  I was happy and ate with no regrets and it felt great!  I can get used to this low carb diet cheat day once a week!

Does it happen to you when dieting and trying to lose weight you have the biggest cravings for anything and everything you can’t have!?

Well that is why I love this Slow Carb Diet.  Now if I crave something I just tell myself I will have it on ‘Cheat Day’ and the craving goes away.  It’s amazing but weight loss really is 100% mindset and when you have an option to have what you want those bad craving magically disappear.  Try it and let me know if the same happens to you.  I am a big food addict and this little twist is really helping me stay on track.

Let me warn you, you will gain some weight after your cheat day, the weight is water weight and of course the weight of the meal/meals from the previous day but this extra weight will be gone within 48 hours.  After my first cheat day I gained 5 pounds!  I was not happy but I knew that it was going to happen and I just trusted the process and after 48 hours the weight was gone and then some.  The second Cheat day I gained 3.8 pounds and it was gone within 24 hours!  Having this caloric surplus for one day raises your metabolism and also keeps your body guessing….So don’t skip it if doing Tim Ferris Slow Carb Diet.  Be sure to get your Cheat Day not Cheat Meal.  Have a BLAST!  Go Nuts!

So there you have it Sassy Girl….You can have your cake and eat it too! 🙂

Enjoy your Cheat Day once a week to the fullest and have fun!

Life is all about enjoying every moment…

I recommend that you read the 4 Hour Body book by Tim Ferris if you want the details about the science of how this diet works.  It was really interesting information and it will help you on your journey.

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  1. sassyandstylish - 2015-11-18 13:31

    Dulce de Leache Ice cream is my absolute favorite! Any diet that lets me have it once per week if I want to has me at Hello! Glad you enjoyed the blog post! 🙂

  2. Barbie - 2015-11-18 13:20

    Ok I really need to look into this eating plan. I’m also a Foodie and My heart stopped when you said ‘Dulce de Leche’. That is a Cuban Staple that is a big no-no on any eating plan. I’m loving the Freedom to enjoy and not feel bad or guilty about treating yourself! Thanks for Sharing!! This is Great!!

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