Who We Are


SassyandStylish.com is a Woman Owned Company and we have a passion to empower women all around the Globe to Ignite that Inner Sparkle and remind you that Every Woman Deserves To Feel Beautiful both from the inside and the outside.

We are obsessed with all things Fashion, Beauty and High End Cosmetics and are always on the hunt to offer our Sassy-Girls only the best products at the most competitive prices.

We Love To Empower Women because we understand the struggle Most women go through to Look and Feel Beautiful, both Mentally And Physically, which is why you can also bookmark our Blog because we’ll be blogging about Topics that Affect All Women from feeling their best, including, Diet and Exercise, Nutrition and of Course Reviews on Your Favorite Beauty Products! 

When You Shop at Sassy & Stylish, You Add a little Sparkle to the world, Starting With Yourself!!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Empower women all over the globe to feel Beautiful. Maybe that means treating yourself to a new lip pencil, or being able to purchase that highend brand you’ve browsed at the Big Name Retailers at the mall, but didn’t want to pay full price for it.

When You Purchase from SassyandStylish.com You are not only empowering yourself but you are helping us empower other women, by inspiring them to believe that they deserve to put themselves first and take the time to pamper themselves!

So whether You are Sassy or Stylish, we have something with your name on it in our store!

Our Company Story

What We Do

Our Goal is to bring Higher End Name Brand Products to All Women because Every Woman Deserves To Feel Beautiful.

Our Mission

  • Our Mission is to Inspire and Empower Women to Look and Feel Their Best so they can go out into the World Confidently and Powerfully to make a difference.

Why People Choose Us

Sassy and Stylish Represents 2 Parts of the Same Woman. Some days you Feel Sassy, Spicy, Glam and Unstoppable, other days you’re more laid back, stylish, yet composed, relaxed and reserved.

Whatever Side of the Spectrum you happen to be on today, our Product offerings inspire You To lift yourself up and take it up a notch so you are noticed in the world.

Our Goal is a Fun, Luxurious Shopping Experience at Close-Out Prices any woman can afford.

If there is anything you ever want to see us carry, please send any of your suggestions to sales@sassyandstylish.com



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